Community leaders, organizations and individuals have joined forces to shine the light on the glaring inequities in health and to search for ways to fight their effects on Oklahomans. The campaign alerts state and community leaders about socio-economic, racial and ethnic inequities in health and engages leaders in conversation and action to fight the effects of these inequities on Oklahomans. We can no longer assume that all citizens in Oklahoma will have equal opportunities for prevention interventions that lead toward behaviors conducive to health. Our individual aspirations for better health are not only for medical and lifestyle interventions but to "upstream" policies — investing in our schools, improving housing, integrating neighborhoods, creating living wage jobs with career ladders, and implementing more equitable fiscal policies. When health equity through resource opportunities is achieved, then all citizens will be positioned to adopt healthy behaviors, leading toward improved health status for Oklahoma.


The Oklahoma Health Equity Campaign (OHEC) addresses inequities that are a result of social determinants of health. OHEC will provide the opportunity for groups to build on the strengths, assets, and resources of a community, and work toward reducing the health inequities of under-served populations in Oklahoma.




All people and communities are healthy with no one at a disadvantage in achieving the best possible health.

Maximize the health potential of all Oklahomans through resources and opportunities available in our communities.





·   Health Equity Position Statement - LINK >>

·   Food Security and Health Position Statement - LINK >>

·   Public Transportation and Health Position Statement - LINK >>

·   Literacy and Health Equity Position Statement - LINK >>

·   Housing and Health Position Statement - LINK >>


OHEC, in collaboration with our numerous partners, recognize the process necessary to achieve health equity. Please click on the following link to review the diagram, Eliminating Health Inequity: The Role of Public Health and Community Organizing. - LINK >>


Steering Committee Members

Tom Anderson



Sunshine Cowan



Leslie Gelders



Jeff Hamilton



Larry Hopper



Beatrice Johnston



Marshan Marick

Richard Marshall



Marisa New



Bud Scott



Mary Surbeck



Doug Walton






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